Wing-Sin Hui
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This memorial website was created in the loving memory of our beloved father, Hui Wing Sin. 

Father was born in China on August 15, 1930 and passed away on October 30, 2004 at the age of 74.  He left behind his loving wife of 50 years and his precious children and grandchildren.

Daddy lived a full and happy life.  He had many hobbies, one of his dearest was horse racing.  But most of all, Daddy loved his family and his happiest times were those he spent with us...either it be the quiet times, the birthdays, the holiday feasts or impromptu gathering. 

Daddy is a large part of all of us.  We miss him very much and he will always be in our hearts.

Tributes and Condolences
10 years...time flies but not really   / Gloria (daughter)
Dearest Daddy, Missing you so very much and wishing you were still here with us... 10 years ago tonight, you left us...heartbroken and never again whole. I still remember the last moment like it was yesterday, it haunts me. Thinking back an...  Continue >>
Happy Father's day   / Danny (son)
Daddy, Happy Father's day!! Love always, Danny   爸, 父親節快樂!! 兒 傑  
Another year and still missing you dearly   / Gloria (daughter)
Dearest Daddy today is such a sad sad day...can't believe it has been seven years already since you have left us.  Missing you so much memories and so many tears... Love you so very much.  Always on my mind...forever in my he...  Continue >>
Sad Sad Day   / Gloria
Daddy today is such a sad sad day.  Visiting you this morning just brought back all the painful memories of the day we lost you 6 years ago.  Just couldn't hold back the tears... Missing you so very much and wishing you were here... Alway...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday- 79th   / Winnie Wong (daughter)
Dearest Daddy Happy 79th birthday to you today! I missed you and you are always in my heart!
Daddy, I'm dedicating this song to you. / Gloria (daughter)    Read >>
Family Tie  / Winnie Wong (daughter)    Read >>
Still miss you...  / Gloria (daughter)    Read >>
Time goes by  / Winnie Wong (daughter-spoiled)    Read >>
Forgive me Dad...  / Gloria (daughter)    Read >>
You are always on my mind  / Winnie Wong (daughter-spoiled)    Read >>
Dearest Daddy...  / Gloria (daughter)    Read >>
An Angel by Your Side  / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)     Read >>
I wished you are here!  / Winnie Wong (daughter)    Read >>
Daddy Girl  / Anh Nguyen (none)    Read >>
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